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Samuel Finley is a young Videographer in Denver with a Go-Getter Mentality


Currently in Paris, but based in the box state, Samuel Finley has highlighted some of Colorado's biggest artists and shows over the past few years.

We at GBF are here to just show our appreciation to not only one of Colorado's best videographers, but also Directors. Every time this young stunna drops a highlight reel from a show or video, we lost our absolute shit. His ability to use subtle edits and capture the cleanest footage from any event really proves his worth in the film game.

From 100packsavy, to DNA Picasso, to Aux Dior, to even his latest IG preview, showcasing a show in Paris that he attended and shot, the Colorado film maker made a fuckin movie in Paris and we were left wondering who these artists were.

We salute you Sam; keep making Colorado look fire.

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