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LyricalGenes Remixes "Ill Be Alright" Into a Super Fire Hip-Hop beat


Special shoutout to Cleveland Ohio's LyricalGenes for showcasing his sampling and chopping abilities in newest release of Christopher Bensinger's "Ill Be Alright."

This superproducer from Ohio not only remixes samples and chops them, but also releases his own orginal instrumentals that after checking them out, are super gas as well. His ability to blend this emotional pop beat through trap drums and 808s proves that he can absolutely make a name for himself in this cutthroat industry.

Lyrical genes is transcending genres and building a fucking empire of just absolute musical warpower. This is a masterpiece of instrumentation and this young stunner is gonna fly higher than a kite on a windy day in sunny Cleveland, Ohio.


@Jay Cactus TV



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