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HeyyAyyone is one of Denver's rising Filmmakers who Quit His Job to go All in!

From Denver, to Atlanta, To Miami, HeyyAyyone quit his job at Walmart to follow his dreams of film making and shooting music videos. We wanted to showcase some of his work and salute him for pursuing his dreams in a positive way. Looks like its been treating him right!!

This young entrepreneur from the Box State motivated us by showing everybody to chase your dreams. Since quitting his job at Walmart, he has been roadrunning, working his ass off shooting videos for all the top rappers in the city. We at GottaBeFire encourage the hustle in everybody, especially in a case like HeyyAyyone. Follow your dreams and keep making fire videos. We see you.

He has recently hosted 2 cyphers in the city. Showcasing not only his film making ability, but his creative direction to organize a cypher with some of the city's top rappers.

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