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Cay9ine Da Capital flows beautifully in brand new visual, "TTS".

The Capital 9 lets us know that he "aint ever letting up" in this well-written, amazingly produced modern hip-hop track. This Denver Artist is here to stay in the box state.


New to the box state music scene, Cay9ine Da Capital has been turning heads for a minute, on the national scale too. TTS takes us around Denver, Colorado and gives Caynine the ability to showcase his storytelling class. He expresses the hate that the box state has, and how nobody can win without a team or the correct support system. We here at GBF complete agree Capital, we hear you. Nobody can push what you have to the side and nobody is going to grind on your stuff more than you.

We love this track and really appreciate the fact that real hip-hop hasn't died. Not only is Cay9ine spittin real shit, and not just BS to catch attention, bro really lives his shit out, and you can tell his video and bars are truth, and it comes out when describing his personal story.

FAVORITE LINE - "Check my stats, got the whole team on my back, on game n***a and on track n***a, check my read, project baby on me, checkin me you better check yo b***h"




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